Test Datasets


Grade 12

Users of the Monitoring the Future Remote Access System may want to test their analysis procedures prior to e-mailing them to the MTFRAS for execution. To facilitate such testing, we are making a limited test dataset available. This simulated dataset (MTF12TST) largely corresponds to a Grade 12 Base Year cross-sectional "core" dataset. It includes design variables and several other previously unreleased variables. MTF12TST.POR is a SAS transport file that can be converted using the SAS CIMPORT procedure to a SAS dataset and used on a wide variety of platforms.

The vast majority of variables in the test dataset are documented in the public access dataset codebooks available at the SAMHDA data repository website. For information on the variables included in the test dataset which are either excluded or recoded in the SAMHDA versions, users should rely on the Grade 12 Supplementary Documentation in the RAS Dataset Documentation section.

To download the test dataset itself, click on MTF12TST.POR.

The following commands provide an example of a SAS job that can be used to convert the downloaded SAS transport file into a SAS dataset.

libname outdata 'c:\sas';
filename indata 'c:\sas\mtf12tst.por';
proc cimport data=outdata.mtf12tst infile=indata;

Grades 8 and 10

A test dataset has been created for use in testing analysis runs on Monitoring the Future Base Year Grade 8 and 10 datasets. An eighth grade dataset was chosen to serve as an example, although the actual datasets for both grades have identical variable formats and numbering within each questionnaire form for any given year. Documentation for most of the variables may be found in the 2006 Grade 8 Form 1 codebook, downloadable from SAMHDA. Supplementary variables which were excluded or recoded in the public access data are also provided. Users interested in these variables should rely upon the supplementary documentation described for Grade 8 and 10 datasets in the RAS Dataset Documentation section.

This test dataset may be downloaded by clicking here: MTFG8F1.POR.