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Funded Research

Arbitron 2010 Agreement for Consulting Services

Dr. Richard Valliant will provide the following services in support of Arbitron Research Quality Strategic Plan to increase the value of current data samples through improved estimation methods, improve perceived value for small markets and broaden industry views of research quality, without requiring additional survey data collections, by:
1. Develop calibration methods for multimedia measurement. Develop sample design and estimation methods that help measure the ?tail? of media usage. This could include the use of mega panels and calibration methods. Also, develop estimator error measures that can provide an indicator of reliability of the calibration methods.
2. Develop recommendations on imputing for panelist noncompliance and other nonresponse situations. Develop ways to use the information that we already know about panelists to better represent their radio listening behavior when actual data are not available.
3. Recommend improvements to diary service. Based on studies begun in 2009 and continuing in 2010, recommend improvements to the diary, and potentially PPM, services based on an analysis of data collected from the same panelists by PPM and diary methods.
4. Provide advice and consultation on other new statistical initiatives. Consultant may provide guidance on Arbitron?s plan to stratify the syndicated panels by level of listening. The extent of sample reuse would be based on this stratification.
5. Oversee and Direct Graduate Students. Oversee and provide direction to graduate students in Consultant?s Program in Survey Methodology who will analyze Arbitron, Scarborough, and other data provided by Arbitron to help improve statistical methods.


Arbitron, Inc.

Funding Period:

01/01/2010 to 12/31/2010