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Services | Survey Research Center (SRC)

The Survey Research Center (SRC) is devoted to original measurement in the social sciences and contains the largest survey methodology and data collection capability of any academic social science research organization, providing measurement facilities to SRC’s scientists and a wide range of external clients, from federal agencies to individual university researchers to small, non-profit organizations. SRC provides a variety of research services. These include:

  • general methodological and statistical consultation
  • sample design
  • weighting and imputation
  • questionnaire design
  • project management
  • training
  • data collection
  • data processing
  • analysis

From proposal development through data delivery and report writing, Survey Research Operations (SRO) provides personalized, high quality, state-of-the-art service. SRO’s team of experienced project directors assist researchers in proposal development and all aspects of survey implementation, identifying innovative methods and techniques designed to improve data quality and reduce survey costs.

SRC’s long experience in international survey work over the past 60 years has guided the development of tools and techniques to support the design and implementation of both large and small scale data collection activities in a wide range of settings. Such tools and techniques make up the International Survey Research Unit (ISRU) which aims at building social research capacity around the globe in areas where survey research expertise and/or infrastructure are lacking.

SRC houses an interdepartmental program in survey methodology, with a mission to supply the next generation of survey statisticians and methodologists. The Survey Methodology Program (SMP) brings a multidisciplinary team comprised of experts from a range of disciplines including social psychology, cognitive psychology, sociology, statistics, and computer science. SMP and SRO collaborate together and focus on project-specific design and production questions and problems via the Statistical Research Design Group.

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