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IVEware: Imputation and Variance Estimation Software

IVEware developed by the Researchers at the Survey Methodology Program, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan performs:

  1. Imputations of missing values using the Sequential Regression (also known as Chained Equations) Method;
  2. Multiple imputation analyses for both descriptive and model-based analysis;
  3. Analysis that accounts for complex design features, weighting, clustering and stratification;
  4. Other applications of multiple imputation such as disclosure limitation, combining information from multiple data sources, Bayesian analysis through prediction, causal inference and measurement error.

Search: Software for Exploring Data Structure

Search is a binary segmentation procedure used to develop a predictive model for a dependent variable. It searches among a set of predictor variables for the predictors that most increase the researcher's ability to account for the variance or distribution of a dependent variable. The question 'What dichotomous split on which single predictor variable will give us a maximum improvement in our ability to predict values of the dependent variable?' asked iteratively, is the basis for the Search algorithm.