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Funded Research

Arbitron 2012 Agreement for Consulting Services

Dr. Richard Valliant will provide the following services in support of Arbitron Research Quality Strategic Plan to increase the value of current data samples through improved estimation methods, improve perceived value for small markets and broaden industry views of research quality, without requiring additional survey data collections, by:
1.National TV projections project: Conduct exploratory analyses of the relationship of TV exposure to predictor variables using full-month PPM survey data. Conduct model-building activities associated with determining the best model for creating national projections. Evaluate competing national TV models. Simulate production of national TV estimates based on model and working through potential implementation issues. Create reports that document the above work. Assist in developing of goals and objectives of balance of nation sample and how to integrate results with modeling.
2.Diary utility initiatives: Analyze sample reuse test to validate gains that were measured using PPM data to simulate diary reuse. Develop and test winsorizing methods to help mitigate the impact of a single household on a station?s rating without affecting the station?s average rating over time. Provide guidance on the implementation of de-noising and dynamic averaging as we work through operational issues.
3.PPM utility initiatives: Develop an analysis plan for determining the impact on single survey and survey to survey reliability of composite estimation. Prepare demonstration data that can be used to help clients understand the benefits of composite estimation. Develop and test winsorizing or other methods to help mitigate the impact of a single household on a station?s rating in a panel environment.


Arbitron, Inc.

Funding Period:

01/01/2012 to 12/31/2012