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Funded Research

Errors in Housing Unit Listing – Supplement

The goal of this project is to test inter-lister errors in housing unit listing. The basic design will use the actual NSFG segment listing (third quarter of this year) as a baseline. SRO staff will relist an additional forty-two segments (for a total of forty-nine segments) twice utilizing SRO?s standard electronic listing program. The listing of these segments will be completed by a group of experienced field staff member (lister). There will be three types of segments listed: the first will be segments which have two listers residing in them; the second will include segments which have one lister residing in them and one lister who will travel to the segment for listing; and the third will include segments where both listers will have to travel to the segment for listing.


University of Maryland, The

Funding Period:

04/01/2009 to 10/31/2009