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Funded Research

HANDLS Sample Design and Selection 2009-2010

Dr. Lepkowski will provide the following services during the above period of performance:
(1) Review proposals associated with the screening of a probability sample of dwellings in the city of Baltimore to support the proposed HANDLS recruitment of subjects for a panel study.
(2) Advise NIA and other project staff about implementation of sampling procedures; and monitor study progress as sample sites are visited, households listed, households selected, individuals within households selected, and individuals attend mobile examination centers.
(3) Develop estimation procedures and advise NIA and other project staff on software to implement estimation procedures which take into account the sample design developed for the HANDLS sample in Baltimore. The estimation procedures may include the development of weights to compensate for unit nonresponse, imputation of item missing values or even unit missing values, and variance estimation procedures which account for stratification, multistage selection, and weighting.
Deliverables under this agreement include a memorandum describing suitable estimation procedures.


Health and Human Services, Department of-National Institutes of Health

Funding Period:

05/18/2009 to 05/17/2010