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Funded Research

Met Extension Supplemental Request

We determined that we need to add effort beyond basic operations that increase the likelihood we can recruit a significant number of BCDA subscribers from three of our primary users groups: schools, higher education institutes and researchers. Towards that end, we?ve outlined activities, including three pilot studies, which we plan to implement as a combined effort among UM personnel and Alvarez and Marsal personnel. The workscope will cover four major activities:

1) Refine our business plan and formalize our BCDA user recruitment and help service program

2) Implement an `at scale? school district recruitment pilot effort (Pilot 1)

3) Implement a pilot to test feasibility of offering services to higher education institutes for uploading their students? videos collected during field practicums (Pilot 2).

4) Implement a pilot to test the boundaries where researchers? activities can be implemented in the BCDA system and where researchers? activities must be implemented in the restricted researcher Longitudinal Database system (Pilot 3).


Gates, Bill and Melinda, Foundation

Funding Period:

10/01/2013 to 12/31/2015