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Jun 06 2016

69th Annual Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques

Now in its 69th year, the Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques offers courses and workshops on a wide range of topics on many aspects of survey research, aimed at various skill levels, and in time frames ranging from one to eight weeks.

Some courses require participants to have a quantitative background and/or familiarity with survey research methods, while others are aimed at those who have little or no experience in the field but want to learn basic concepts. Topics include many aspects of survey research including the fundamental principles involved in drawing samples, designing questionnaires, data collection, and analysis of survey data.

The program begins June 6, and courses meet through July 29. Most courses are held two to three hours every weekday for one week or two weeks, and many meet two or three days a week for four weeks or eight weeks. Courses offered in a compressed time frame can be demanding. Participants are assigned readings, homework, written projects, and exams.

The program draws on a renowned group of instructors from within SRC and the University community, and on other experts from outside the University of Michigan. Some of these instructors have been teaching in the program for many years. They are willing to disrupt their busy academic lives to teach in the program partly because of the enthusiasm of the students. In contrast to some students who attend other university courses, the students who attend the Summer Institute are highly motivated&graduate students, professionals, government employees, and other academics. Some instructors say teaching in the Summer Institute is the highlight of their year. The positive attitude of most of the students energizes the faculty, some of whom fondly remember their own experience as students in the program.

The program has also added two brand new classes among the course offerings, and four workshops on how to access and use particular data sets.

For more detail about course descriptions, dates, times, and other relevant information, visit the Summer Institute website, You can also call (734) 764-6595 or (877) 880-9389 for more information. Summer Institute staff includes Jim Lepkowski, Director, Jill Esau, Educational Program Administrator, and Patsy Gregory and Jodi Holbrook, EducationalProgram Assistants.