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Oct 25 2023

JPSM MPSDS Seminar Series: Investigating the quality of digital trace and data donation

Alexandru Cernat, associate professor in the social statistics department at the University of Manchester

October 25, 2023
12:00 – 1:00 pm EDT
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1070 ISR-Thompson
426 Thompson St., Ann Arbor

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Challenges to traditional survey data collection such as increased costs and decreasing non-response are leading survey researchers to explore new forms of data. Recently, two types of data have received increased focus as a possible replacements or enhancements of surveys: digital trace data and data donation. Digital trace data refers to data produced while individuals interact with digital platforms, such as apps and websites. Data donation, on the other hand, refers to the acquisition of data from online platforms, such as Facebook or Google, directly from users. In a recent study we use an experimental design in a non-probability panel in Germany to explore non-response bias in data donated from Facebook as well measurement error in digital trace data from PCs and mobile phones.

Alexandru Cernat is an associate professor in the social statistics department at the University of Manchester. He has a PhD in survey methodology from the University of Essex and was a post-doc at the National Centre for Research Methods and the Cathie Marsh Institute. His research and teaching focus on: survey methodology, longitudinal data, measurement error, latent variable modelling, new forms of data and missing data. You can find out more about him and his research at: