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Feb 22 2017

Racism at the Intersection

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
10:00 am – 1:00pm

This 2017 Survey Research Center workshop, 'Racism at the Intersection', welcomes rising and leading anti-racism scholars who are innovative in their conceptualization and/or measurement of racism's impact on the individual, community, and society.

We are hosting scholars from diverse scientific disciplines to discuss their work on the concept of intersectionality with race. Each of the speakers will give a short presentation and participate in a moderated Q&A session. Topics of presentation and discussion will include: the racialization of immigrants, particularly Hispanic and Muslim Americans; the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality; the measurement of intersecting identities; and the role of colonialism and racialization.

Speakers include: Lisa Bowleg, Professor of Psychology, GWU; EJR David, Associate Professor of Psychology, UA Anchorage; Hillary Potter, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, UC Boulder; Natalia Molina, Professor of History, UC San Diego; Saher Solod, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Simmons College; Matthew Hughey, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut.

Flyer for Race at the Intersection