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Influences and barriers to better parent-school collaborations

Foreword / Joyce L. Epstein — Introduction : School-family partnerships : enhancing the academic, social, and emotional learning of children / Evanthia N. Patrikakou … [et al.] — Part I. Conceptual frameworks of school-family partnerships — Critical issues facing families and educators / Sandra L. Christenson, Yvonne Godber, and Amy R. Anderson — Parents' motivations for involvement in their children's education / Kathleen V. Hoover-Dempsey, Joan M. T. Walker, and Howard M. Sandler — Influences and challenges to better parent-school collaborations / Pamela E. Davis-Kean and Jacquelynne S. Eccles — Part II. Cultural and empirical perspectives — Intercultural considerations in school-family partnerships / Luis M. Laosa — School and family influences on the social and emotional well-being of African-American students / Ronald D. Taylor — Parental involvement and children's school success / Arthur J. Reynolds and Melissa Clements — Part III. Policy issues — School-family relations and student learning: federal education initiatives / Oliver C. Moles, Jr. — Grass roots from the top down : the state's role in family-school relationships / Sam Redding and Pamela Sheley — Preparing educators for school-family partnerships : challenges and opportunities / Nancy F. Chavkin — School-family partnerships : dimensions and recommendations / Evanthia N. Patrikakou … [et al.].; “In this groundbreaking volume, the most influential leaders in the field provide essential information to better understand and improve the nature and quality of school-family partnerships for the benefit of all children. These experts examine the various aspects and effects of parental involvement not only on children's academic achievement, but also on their social and emotional development. Featuring a comprehensive multidimensional framework, the text addresses critical issues facing families and educators, developmental considerations, cultural perspectives, and policy issues. Each chapter includes recommendations to help educators, parents, and policymakers create and sustain successful partnerships to support children's development.”–BOOK JACKET.