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Alcohol use among adolescents : an overview

— Underage drinking is America's biggest youth drug problem / Elizabeth Shepard — The problem of underage drinking is too often ignored / Mathea Falco — Binge drinking on college campuses is a serious problem / Susan Resneck Pierce — The extent of underage drinking is exaggerated / David J. Hanson — Teen alcohol education programs exaggerate the dangers of drinking / Stanton Peele — Not all underage drinking is harmful / Dwight B. Heath — Underage drinking can lead to alcoholism / Omaha world-herald — Underage drinking contributes to drunk driving fatalities / National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — Underage drinking can lead to irresponsible sexual behavior / Susan E. Foster — Teen alcohol abuse may cause brain damage / Kathleen Fackelmann — Binge drinking can cause alcohol poisoning / Dixie M. Jordan — Binge drinking can cause a variety of problems / Kathiann M. Kowalski — Alcohol advertising encourages teens to drink / Mediascope — Liquor advertisements should not be televised / Bill Clinton — The alcohol industry intentionally markets its products to youths / David Walsh — The government should counter-advertise to combat the influence of alcohol advertising / George A. Hacker — Alcohol advertisements should be restricted in public places / Traci L. Toomey … [et al.] — Alcohol advertising does not cause teens to drink / Morris E. Chafetz — Alcohol advertising does not affect alcohol consumption / Advertising Association — The alcohol industry has the right to advertise its products / Doug Bandow — The alcohol industry works to discourage underage drinking / Cheryl Ursin — The drinking age debate : an overview / Deborah Straszheim — Raising the drinking age to 21 has reduced alcohol-related injuries and death among youth / Traci L. Toomey, Carolyn Rosenfeld, Alexander C. Wagenaar — Arguments for lowering the drinking age are misguided / Center for Science in the Public Interest — Raising the drinking age to 21 has been counterproductive / Rugh C. Engs — The drinking age should be lowered to 18 / Michael Clay Smith — Banning sales of alcohol over the Internet would reduce underage drinking / Americans for Responsible Alcohol Access — The government should not ban Internet alcohol sales / Atlanta journal-constitution — Colleges must use a variety of strategies to reduce alcohol abuse on campus / Henry Wechsler — The goal of eliminating drinking on college campuses is unrealistic / Edward H. Hammond — Zero-tolerance laws are effective in reducing drunk driving among youth / Robert Shearouse — Recognizing false IDs can help reduce underage drinking / Roger Johnson.