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Comment on “A source of bias in longitudinal investigations of change”by P. Cohen

Analysis of longitudinal data using latent variable models with varying parameters — Source of bias in longitudinal investigations of change — Ordinal methods in the assessment of change — Models for learning data — Application of time series methods to moderate span longitudinal data — Interindividual differences in intraindividual change — Issues in factorial invariance — Prediction of growth — Measurement in longitudinal research — Latent variable models for studying differences and change — Assessing familial and nonfamilial sources of parent-child attitude resemblance over two measurement occasions — Implications of a multidimensional latent trait model for measuring change — Qualitative transitions amid quantitative development — Behavior genetic studies of change — Interpreting and estimating indirect effects assuming time lags really matter — Longitudinal studies of disease and cognitive function — Modeling incomplete longitudinal and cross-sectional data using latent growth structural models — How long did it take? : using survival analysis in educational and psychological research.