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Assessing the relationship of cognitive aging and processes of dementia

Expertise and knowledge / Neil Charness and Ralf Krampe — Biological indicators and health-related processes — Integrating health into cognitive aging research and theory : quo vadis? / Avron Spiro III and Christopher B. Brady — Cognitive change and compromised health in late life / Valgeir Thorvaldsson, Scott M. Hofer, Linda Hassing, and Boo Johansson — Neurological factors in cognitive aging / Robert Wilson — Imaging aging / Scott M. Hayes and Roberto Cabeza — Cognitive aging and biomarkers : what do we know and where to from here? / Kaarin Anstey — Assessing the relationship of cognitive aging and processes of dementia / Gwenith Fisher, Brenda l. Plassman, Steven G. Heeringa, and Kenneth M. Langa — Historical processes and cultural differences — Aging, culture, and cognition / Denise Park — Historical processes and patterns of cognitive aging / K. Warner Schaie — Minority populations and cognitive aging / Keith Whitfield and Adrienne Aiken — Race, culture, education, and neuropsychological test performance / Jennifer Manly — Social structure and cognitive aging / Duane F. Alwin — Longitudinal measurement and analysis — Integrative analysis of longitudinal studies on aging : collaborative research networks, meta-analysis, and optimizing future studies / Andrea M. Piccinin and Scott M. Hofer –; The multiple facets of change : implications for modeling relationships in cognitive aging research / Martin Sliwinski — Considerations for sampling time in research on aging : examples from research on stress and cognition / Shevaun Neupert, Robert Stawski, and David Almeida — Alternative methods for assessing cognition in large-scale surveys / Margie E. Lachman and Patricia Tun — Unobtrusive measurement of cognition and physical activity / Misha Pavel and Holly Jimison — Integrative perspectives on cognitive aging — Animal models of cognitive aging / Gerald E. McClearn and David A. Blizard — Gene and environmental influences on cognitive change / Chandra Reynolds — Does participation in cognitive and physical lifestyle activities buffer age-related cognitive decline? / Brent Small — The added value of an applied perspective in cognitive gerontology / Matthias Kliegel and Mareike Altgassen — Social resources and cognitive function in older adults / Lisa L. Barnes, Kathleen A. Cagney, and Carlos F. Mendes de Leon — Social context and cognition / Fredda Blanchard-Fields, Michelle Horhota, and Andrew Mienaltowski — Dyadic cognition in old age : paradigms, findings, and directions / Mike Martin and Melanie Wight — Lifespan influences on cognitive aging : evidence for antecedents and predictors from midlife / Sherry Willis — Future directions for research on cognitive aging — The future of cognitive aging research / Scott M. Hofer and Duane F. Alwin.