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The aging consumer : perspectives from psychology and economics

Cognitive psychology and neuroscience of aging / Angela H. Gutchess — Spending patterns in the older population / Michael D. Hurd and Susann Rohwedder — Socioemotional selectivity theory : implications for consumer research / Aimee Drolet … [et al.] — Aging-related changes in decision making / Ellen Peters — Do workers prepare rationally for retirement? / Gary Burtless — New choices, new information : do choice abundance and information complexity hurt aging consumers' medical decision making? / Stacy L. Wood, Judith A. Shinogle, and Melayne M. McInnes — The aging consumer and intergenerational transmission of cherished possessions / Carolyn Folkman Curasi, Linda L. Price, and Eric J. Arnould — Comprehension of marketing communications among older consumers / Carolyn M. Bonifield and Catherine A. Cole — Impact of age on brand choice / Raphaëlle Lambert-Pandraud and Gilles Laurent — Why do older consumers tell us they are more satisfied? / Carolyn Yoon, Fred Feinberg, and Norbert Schwarz — Age-branding / Harry R. Moody and Sanjay Sood — Designing products for older consumers : a human factors perspective / Neil Charness, Michael Champion, and Ryan Yordon.