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Missing data in social science data sets

Introduction / John Fox and J. Scott Long — Graphical perception / Ian Spence and Stephan Lewandowsky — Describing univariate distributions / John Fox — A survey of smoothing techniques / Colin Goodall — Finding transformations for regression using the ACE algorithm / Richard D. De Veaux — Geometry of multiple regression and interactive 3-D graphics / Georges Monette — Regression diagnostics : an expository treatment of outliers and influential cases / Kenneth A. Bollen and Robert W. Jackman — A primer on robust regression / Richard A. Berk — An introduction to bootstrap methods : examples and ideas / Robert Stine — The analysis of social science data with missing values / Roderick J.A. Little and Donald B. Rubin — Selection bias in linear regression, logit and probit models / Jeffrey A. Dubin and Douglas Rivers.