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Wisdom and successful aging

present a framework of seven propositions about the nature of aging / the first three propositions represent general findings from a research program on the mechanics (e.g., basic processes of memory) and the pragmatics (e.g., wisdom) of the aging mind that highlight the many and often opposing faces of aging / the remaining four propositions are about other aspects of aging: the dynamic between gains and losses, the resilience of the self, the heterogeneity of aging, and the distinctions between normal, optimal, and pathological aging (from the chapter); proffer a psychological model of “successful” aging / summarizes how aging individuals might maintain a high level of self-efficacy and well-being despite losses in an increasing number of psychological and biological capabilities; offer some general observations on the future of old age in an aging society / maintain that the future of old age depends to a significant degree on making images of aging more positive, empowering people to live healthy lives, and redesigning society to include more age-friendly technology and opportunities for challenging and meaningful roles in old age (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)