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Images and preferences: A feelings-as-information analysis

Introduction to visual marketing / Michel Wedel and Rik Pieters — Eye movements during reading, scene perception, visual search, and while looking at print advertisements / Keith Rayner and Monica S. Castelhano — Informativeness of eye movements for visual marketing: six cornerstones / Rik Pieters and Michel Wedel — The effect of selecting and ignoring on liking / Nader T. Tavassoli — Differentiating the pictorial element in advertising: a rhetorical perspective / Edward F. McQuarrie — Geometry in the marketplace / Eric Greenleaf and Priya Raghubir — Are visual perception biases hard-wired? / Priya Raghubir — Spatial perception research: an integrative review of length, area, volume, and number perception / Aradhna Krishna — Perhaps the store made you purchase it: toward an understanding of structural aspects of indoor shopping environments / Joan Meyers-Levy and Rui (Juliet) Zhu — Measuring the value of point-of-purchase marketing with commercial eye-tracking data / Pierre Chandon … [et al.] — Images and preferences: a feelings-as-information analysis / Hyejeung Cho, Norbert Schwarz, and Hyunjin Song — Rethinking visual communication research: updating old constructs and considering new metaphors / Chris Janiszewski.