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Taking culture seriously: Making the social survey ethnographic

Using mixed methods to explore Latino children's literacy development / Claude Goldenberg, Ronald Gallimore and Leslie Reese — Working it out : the chronicle of a mixed-methods analysis / Heather B. Weiss … [et al.] — Mixed methods, more justified conclusions : the case of the Abt evaluation of the Comer program in Detroit / Lois-ellin Datta — The ecology of children's racial coping : family, school and community influences / Deborah J. Johnson — Sites of belonging : acculturation, discrimination and ethnic identity among children of immigrants / Rubén G. Rumbaut — Taking culture seriously : making the social survey ethnographic / Tom Fricke — Combining ethnography and GIS technology to examine constructions of developmental opportunities in contexts of poverty and disability / Debra Skinner, Stephen Matthews and Linda Burton — Bullets don't got no name : consequences of fear in the ghetto / Jeffrey R. King, Jeffrey B. Liebman and Lawrence F. Katz — Qualitative/quantitative synergies in a random-assignment program evaluation / Christina M. Gibson-Davis and Greg J. Duncan — Entering the developmental niche : mixed methods in an intervention program for inner-city children / Sara Harkness … [et al.] — Including Latino immigrant families, schools and community programs as research partners on the good path of life (El Buen Camino de la vida) / Catherine R. Cooper … [et al.] — Civil rights and academic development : mixed methods and the task of ensuring educational equality / Mica Pollock — synthesis : a reprise on mixing methods / Jennifer C. Greene.