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History, marriage politics and demographic events in the Central Himalaya

Anthropology theorizes reproduction: integrating practice, political economic, and feminist perspectives / Susan Greenhalgh — Political-economic and cultural explanations of demographic behavior / David I. Kertzer — Agency and fertility: for an ethnography of practice / Anthony T. Carter — Invisible cultures: poor women's networks and reproductive strategies in nineteenth-century Paris / Rachel G. Fuchs and Leslie Page Moch — The power of names: illegitimacy in a Muslim community in Côte d'Ivoire / Robert Launay — Marginal members: children of previous unions in Mende households in Sierra Leone / Caroline Bledsoe — Women's empowerment and fertility decline in western Kenya / Candice Bradley — High fertility and poverty in Sicily: beyond the culture vs. rationality debate / Peter Schneider and Jane Schneider — History, marriage politics, and demographic events in the central Himalaya / Tom Fricke — Economics 1, culture 0: fertility change and differences in the northwest Balkans, 1700-1900 / E.A. Hammel — Afterword: (Re)capturing reproduction for anthropology.