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The action research paradigm

A historical perspective on the development of counseling psychology as a profession / John M. Whiteley — Ethical, professional, and legal issues in counseling psychology / Lyle D. Schmidt, Naomi M. Meara — The measurement of vocational interests: issues and future directions / Jo-Ida C. Hansen — Diagnosis and treatment of vocational problems / James B. Rounds, Jr., Howard E. A. Tinsley — The development perspective on vocational behavior: a review of theory and research / David A. Jepsen — Research on work adjustment and satisfaction: implications for career counseling / Lloyd H. Lofquist, René V. Dawis — Research on human decision making: implications for career decision making and counseling / Lynda K. Mitchell, John D. Krumboltz — Toward prescription in counseling: problems and prospects / Ray E. Hosford, Gretchen Fall Burnett, Michael E. Mills — Factors affecting client change in individual counseling: current status and theoretical speculation / Pamela S. Highlen, Clara E. Hill — Promoting transfer and maintenance of counseling outcomes: How do we do it and how do we study it? / John P. Galassi, Merna Dee Galassi — Emotion in close relationships: implications for relationship counseling / Ellen Berscheid, Steven W. Gangestad, Donna Kulakowski — Theories of adult development: research status and counseling implications / Robert F. Rodgers — Life development intervention: promotion of mental health through the development of competence / Steven J. Danish, Anthony R. D'Augelli, Mark R. Ginsberg — Coping with critical life-events: an integrative cognitive behavioral model for research and practice / Steven D. Brown, Linda Health — Environmental assessment and intervention / Lois A. Huebner, John G. Corassini — Counselor training and supervision: theory and research / Richard K. Russell, Anne M. Crimmings, Robert W. Lent — Research training and supervision / Thomas M. Magoon, John L. Holland — Peer counseling: past promises, current status, and future directions / Barbara B. Varenhorst — Policy, training, and research in counseling psychology: the radical/ethnic minority perspective / J. Manuel Casas — Counseling women / Mary Sue Richardson, Marilyn Johnson — Perspectives on self-help and bibliotherapy: you are what you read / Linda W. Craighead, Kathleen McNamara, John J. Horan — Counseling, health, and psychology / Carl E. Thoresen, Jean R. Eagleston.