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Tests als Treatment: Wie die psychologische Messung ihren Gegenstand verändert

Studied the influence of responding to a diagnostic test on subsequent related judgments. This study was based on the premises that (1) judgments are made on the basis of a subset of relevant information that is most accessible at the time, (2) diagnostic tests activate information that would not be accessible spontaneously, and (3) specific questions have a stronger influence on general questions than vice versa. Human subjects: 33 female West German adults (pregnant) (primiparous). 20 female West German adults (pregnant) (multiparous). The Ss answered a general question on their level of anxiety concerning the imminent birth either after or before and after completing the 77-item Geburtsangstskala (Birth-Anxiety Scale) by H. Lukesch (1983). 16 of the primiparous Ss were questioned before and 17 of the primiparous Ss were questioned after participation in a childbirth-preparation course. Interactions between results on the Birth-Anxiety Scale and answers to the general birth-anxiety question were analyzed in relation to the Ss' participation in the course and their primiparous vs multiparous status. (English abstract) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved)