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Adolescent substance use : epidemiology and implications for public policy

Adolescent substance use : epidemiology and implications for public policy / Patrick M. O'Malley, Lloyd D. Johnston, and Jerald G. Bachman — Perinatal and neonatal issues of substance abuse / Gary L. Bell and Keith Lau — Adolescent substance abuse : risk factors and protective factors / Larry H. Patton — Basic assessment and screening for substance abuse in the pediatrician's office / Paul G. Fuller, Jr. and Robert M. Cavanaugh, Jr. — Clinical toxicology for the pediatrician / Alan D. Woolf and Michael W. Shannon — Principles of brief intervention for adolescent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use / Mark J. Werner — The assessment of the identified substance-abusing adolescent / Peter D. Rogers, Susan R. Speraw, and Irene (Nicky) Ozbeck — Alcohol and adolescents / Sandra F. Morrison, Peter D. Rogers, and Mark H. Thomas — Tobacco use among adolescents : strategies for prevention / Roselyn Payne Eps, Marc W. Manley, and Thomas J. Glynn — LSD : its rise, fall, and renewed popularity among high school students / Richard H. Schwartz — Resilience among youth growing up in substance-abusing families / Sybil Wolin and Steven Wolin — An introduction to ethnic and cultural diversity / Andrea G. Barthwell, Warren Hewitt, and Irene Jilson — Adolescent treatment : implications for assessment, practice guidelines, and outcome management / Paul E. Bergmann, Maurice B. Smith, and Norman G. Hoffmann — Preventing relapse : guidelines for the pediatrician / Steven L. Jaffe — Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the dually diagnosed adolescent / Marie E. Armentano.