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Environmental simulation : research and policy issues

I. Dimensions of Environmental Simulation. 1. Strategies of Environmental Simulation: Theoretical, Methodological, and Policy Issues / Daniel Stokols. 2. Simulation for Planning and Design: A Review of Strategy and Technique / Colin Clipson — II. Design and Research Applications. 3. Physical Models in Decision Making for Design: Theoretical and Methodological Issues / Rachel Kaplan. 4. Environmental Simulation Research for an Aging Society: Familiarizing Older People with the Unknown / Michael E. Hunt. 5. A Multimodal Approach to Full-Scale Simulation: Evaluating Hospital Room Designs / Robert W. Marans. 6. Simulation and Citizen Participation: Theory, Research, and Practice / Roderick Lawrence. 7. Simulated Studies of Color, Arousal, and Comfort / Rikard Kuller and Byron Mikellides. 8. Computer Simulation of Behavior in Spaces / Filiz Ozel.