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Of culture and the person: An anthropological comment

Studying working families : an experiential approach. Why study working families? / Barbara Schneider and Linda J. Waite — The design of the 500 family study / Lisa Hoogstra ; Commentary / Joel M. Hektner, Jiri Zuzanek — Experiences at work and at home. Overview / Jennifer Hanis-Martin ; Spending time at work and at home : what workers do, how they feel about it, and how these emotions affect family life / Holly R. Sexton ; Commentary / Jerry A. Jacobs, Patricia M. Raskin — Women's intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for working / Sylvia Martinez ; Commentary / Phyllis Moen — Momentary emotion and cortisol levels in the everyday lives of working parents / Emma K. Adam ; Commentary / Douglas A. Granger and Elizabeth A. Shirtcliff — Emotional transmission between parents and adolescents : the importance of work characteristics and relationship quality / Jennifer L. Matjasko and Amy F. Feldman ; Commentary / Reed Larson — Marriage and family. Overview / Alisa C. Lewin — The everyday emotional experiences of husbands and wives / Chi-Young Koh ; Commentary / Elaine Wethington, Norval D. Glenn — Couples making it happen : marital satisfaction and what works for highly satisfied couples / Mark R. Nielsen ; Commentary / William J. Doherty, Scott M. Stanley — Making it work at home. Overview / Shira Offer — Measuring the gender gap in household labor : accurately estimating wives' and husbands' contributions / Yun-Suk Lee ; Commentary / Glenna Spitze — A strategy for working families : high-level commodification of household services / Carolyn P. Stuenkel ; Commentary / Tom Fricke — Television use and communication within families with adolescents / Nicholas P. Dempsey ; Commentary / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Robert Kubey — Religiosity, emotional well-being, and family processes in working families / Jennifer A. Schmidt ; Commentary / Don S. Browning — Parenting and adolescent development. Overview / Phillip L. Hammack — Adolescents' assessments of parental role management in dual-earner families / Elaine Marchena ; Commentary / Rena L. Repetti, Tali Klima, and Tamar Kremer-Sadlik — Imagining family roles : parental influences on the expectations of adolescents in dual-earner families / Matthew N. Weinshenker ; Commentary / Mick Cunningham, Jennifer Glass — Transmitting educational values : parental occupation and adolescent development / Kimberly S. Maier ; Commentary / Jeylan T. Mortimer — Following in their parents' footsteps : how characteristics of parental work predict adolescents' interest in parents' jobs / Ariel Kalil, Judith A. Levine, and Kathleen M. Ziol-Guest ; Commentary / Nancy L. Galambos — Achieving work-life balance : strategies for dual-earner families / Kathleen E. Christensen — Appendix A : Obtaining accurate measures of time use from the ESM / Jae-Gea Jeong ; Commentary / Suzanne M. Bianchi, Kazuo Yamaguchi — Appendix B : Estimating and imputing incomes for middle-class families / Yona Rubinstein and Casey B. Mulligan ; Commentary / Lars Lefgren, Ross M. Stolzenberg.