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Health insurance and the transition to adulthood

pt. I. Securing employment and completing schooling.; Failure to launch : cross-national trends in the transition to economic independence /; Lisa Bell … [et al.] –; Is the company man an anachronism? Trends in long-term employment in the United States, 1973-2006 /; Henry Farber –; Health insurance and the transition to adulthood /; Helen Levy –; Blurring the boundary : changes in collegiate participation to adulthood /; Maria D. Fitzpatrick and Sarah E. Turner –; pt. II. Living with parents longer and starting families later.; Labor market experiences and transitions to adulthood /; Carolyn J. Hill and Harry Holzer –; Young adults leaving the nest : the role of the cost-of-living /; Aaron S. Yelowitz –; Sticking around : delayed departure from the parental nest in Western Europe /; Katherine Newman and Sofya Aptekar –; To have and to hold : an analysis of young adult debt /; Ngina S. Chiteji –; pt. III. Family background, incarceration and the transition to adulthood.; Family background and children's transition to adulthood over time /; Melanie Guldi, Marianne E. Page, and Ann Huff Stevens –; Early incarceration spells and the transition to adulthood /; Steven Raphael.