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January 30, 2017

Governor Snyder Cites IHPI Report in CNN Interview

In an interview with CNN, Michigan Governor Snyder cited a report from the Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation authored by Thomas Buchmueller, Helen Levy, Sayeh Nikpay, and Jordan Rhodes on the impact of Medicare expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The study shows that the amount of uncompensated care dropped by half overall for the 88 hospitals which reported a full year of data in 2015. The data by hospital can be found here: Uncompensated Care Expenses by Individual Hospital (PDF).

Governor Snyder met with members of the Senate finance committee and the House energy and commerce committee while he was in Washington last week. The governor’s spokesperson, Anna Heaton, said, “”The program has been a great success and a model for other states to follow, and he will continue to share that message, which he says was received very well in his meetings.”

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