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June 7, 2018

Responsive Survey Design (RSD) Research Education Program announces its 2018 short course lineup

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The Responsive Survey Design (RSD) Research Education Program is excited to announce its 2018 short course lineup!

Following up on the success of last year's inaugural RSD Program short courses, as part of the University of Michigan Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques, the program has expanded its list of short course offerings to include the following in Summer 2018:

  • Survey Methodology for Randomized Controlled Trials, with Mick Couper (New!)
  • Getting SMART: The Construction of Optimal Adaptive Interventions, with Danny Almirall (New!)
  • Two-Phase Sample Designs in an RSD Framework, with James Wagner (New!)
  • Implementing, Managing, and Analyzing Interventions in an RSD Framework, with Brady West (New!)
  • Implementation of RSD at the U.S. Census Bureau, with Peter Miller, Ben Reist, and Stephanie Coffey (New!)
  • Developing RSD Dashboards for Active Monitoring, with Brad Edwards (New!)
  • Alternative Indicators for Maximizing Data Quality, with Natalie Shlomo and Barry Schouten (New!)
  • RSD for Web Surveys, with Stephanie Coffey and Bill Axinn (New!)
  • RSD Concepts, with James Wagner, Andy Peytchev and Brady West
  • RSD Case Studies, with Brady West, Barry Schouten, Francois Laflamme, and Bill Axinn
  • RSD Management, with Heidi Guyer, Joe Murphy, and Shonda Kruger-Ndiaye

In addition to offering the eight new short courses above, led by internationally renowned faculty and survey researchers, the RSD program is also offering course tracks for specific research objectives and areas of interest by suggesting specific sequences of RSD program short courses. These suggested tracks include:

  • Introductory Sequence (Concepts and Case Studies)
  • Management Sequence (Concepts, Case Studies, Dashboards, and Management)
  • Methodological Sequence (Web Surveys, Dashboards or Indicators, Getting SMART, Two-Phase RSD, Interventions, and the U.S. Census Bureau)
  • RCT/Small-Scale Sequence (RCT, Concepts, Web Surveys, Dashboards, and Getting SMART)

These 11 courses are scheduled to take place this upcoming summer (2018) from June 18th – June 29th at the 72nd Annual Summer Institute at the University of Michigan. Please visit the RSD Program web site or the Summer Institute's web site for more information.

Unable to attend in person in Ann Arbor?All short courses can be taken remotely with our state-of-the-art video conferencing system and interactive RSD program website.

Also, funding to support participant attendance is available. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in an application.

The discussion doesn't stop when the courses are over. All year round, the RSD program offers an interactive website with features such as 'Ask an Expert', a RSD Virtual Journal Club and public discussion forums. Please visit the RSD Program web site for more information, or email [email protected].