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Religious Fundamentalism, Developmental Idealism, Values, and Morality in Jordan

This project conducted a survey of a nationally representative sample of 3,000 Jordanian adults in order to assess the relationships between perceptions and attitudes toward major events, sociopolitical and cultural values, and political engagement. Data resulting from this study are used in analysis to explore first, variations in values, ranging from attitudes toward political violence and religious fundamentalism, to liberal values, including attitudes toward social individualism, gender equality, secular politics, and national identity between different sections of the Jordanian; second, variation in political engagement, ranging from low-cost and low-risk action to high-risk and violent behavior; and assess the linkages between attitudes and perceptions of major national and international events and variation in values and political engagement.

The SRC IU provided consultation on questionnaire design, sampling design, and technical instrument design and testing. The SCR IU also led interviewer training on-site and implemented several additional data collection components allowing for methodological research regarding interviewer effects and effects of third party presence on data quality. During and after data collection, the SRC IU provided consultation on data processing, quality control, and analysis.