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Funded Research

A Family Centered Approach to Dementia Caregiving in Cultural Context

Dr. Antonucci will collaborate with the study team to identify key areas for intervention adaptation, evaluation and analysis. She will provide guidance on training activities to ensure informed attention to issues of family strain. Further, she will assist in creating evaluation protocols on family relations and well-being.

Dr. Janevic has expertise in ADRD caregiving interventions; cultural adaptations of behavioral interventions, and mixed-method program evaluation and will participate in all aspects of the program development and evaluation. This will include planning focus groups and interpreting data for Aim 1; giving input into program adaptations based on input from participants and providers; finalizing evaluation data collection instruments and procedures for the evaluation of the adapted intervention; and contributing to report-writing and refining the final package consisting of intervention materials and protocols for wider dissemination.


Eastern Michigan University

Funding Period:

01/01/2019 to 06/30/2021