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Funded Research

Adding Contextual Data to the Health and Retirement Study

This is a consortium arrangement with University of Southern California to allow collaboration between UM-Consortium PI, Philippa Clarke, and USC Co-PI, Jennifer Ailshire. The focus of this work is to add contextual data to the HRS data as described here:

Description of Research:
Research on environment and aging suggests that older adults are more dependent on the resources and amenities in their immediate neighborhoods, and are more vulnerable to neighborhood hazards. Older adults are a rapidly growing part of the U.S. population and are increasingly expecting to remain independent, active, and living in the community. Research is needed to determine the extent to which neighborhoods can support healthy, active, independent living in aging populations. Most important is the need to identify and measure neighborhood conditions thought to be the strongest influence on health and well-being among older U.S. adults. We propose to develop a rich contextual data resource linked to HRS respondents that can be used to characterize the neighborhood environment of our growing old age population as well as advance understanding of the specific pathways linking eighborhoods to health and well-being among older adults. The aims of this project include:

Aim 1: To construct measures of key neighborhood dimensions using HRS and secondary data.
Aim 2: To archive for public use the resulting contextual data set, including the development of restricted data use protocols/data sharing plans where necessary.
Aim 3: To conduct analysis characterizing exposure to neighborhood conditions among HRS respondents.


University of Southern California

Funding Period:

01/01/2014 to 06/30/2016