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Funded Research

American Time Use Survey

The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) is developing a Web application as part of modernizing the survey. Westat is requesting the expert experience and advice of Mick Couper, Ph.D. in the ATUS Web application. Presentation and interactivity of the questions is a major concern in the ATUS Web application. The ATUS has long time series that BLS does not want to break in the redesign. Attempting to retain the time series and still modernize the survey is a huge challenge. It is this reason that we are requesting the assistance of Dr. Couper.

Dr. Couper will (1) brainstorm best practice solutions with Westat, (2) review solutions suggested to BLS, and (3) review and critique all written documents delivered to BLS.



Funding Period:

08/18/2014 to 02/17/2015