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Funded Research

Basic Income Study

Y Combinator Research (YCR) is undertaking this randomized controlled trial as an exploration of an alternative to the traditional social safety net. Basic income is a method of redistributing resources to address economic insecurity. This study will examine individual-level effects of the receipt of monthly unconditional payments.

YCR is expected to select counties in two states and census tracts within counties to be included in the study, and sample addresses within these tracts. YCR will then send outreach/enrollment packets to the addresses requesting that households respond online (web-based form) and complete the study screener. After screening, YCR will select approximately 3,500 households that are eligible to be enrolled in the main study by in-person visits. SRO will approach these 3,500 households and conduct the baseline data collection with approximately 3,000 individuals. Following the baseline data collection, YCR will randomize the participants to the treatment and control groups and continue monthly payments and further contacts.


Open Research Lab, Inc.

Funding Period:

04/01/2018 to 12/31/2020