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Funded Research

Breakthroughs in science: The role of funding approaches and investment balance across Stokes’ quadrants

In the proposed research, we take a first step at examining whether and how different models for funding and organizing research may relate to the disruptiveness of science. We focus in particular on understanding an innovative model (Dugan and Kaigham, 2013, 2022), pioneered by DARPA, which is distinguished by three foundational components: (1) supporting projects that both advance basic science and addresses important societal needs, often described as Pasteurs Quadrant, (2) cultivating networks of diverse experts from multiple different organizations and disciplines, thereby enabling those projects to address problems that lie beyond the capabilities of individual scientists, and (3) providing teams with the organizational independence and autonomy necessary to move quickly and creatively to meet project goals.


Wellcome Leap Inc

Funding Period:

08/01/2023 to 10/31/2024