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Funded Research

Building Community and a New Data Infrastructure for Science Policy: Supplemental Funding Request

The primary goal of our original proposal was to develop and support a research community and data infrastructure to use Star Metrics data in support of science of science policy research. We proposed to (1) conduct and disseminate pilot research using data to which we arranged research access; (2) rapidly disseminate findings and procedures to both the research and practitioner communities; and (3) oversee work to expand existing infrastructure for data sharing and research access. While we continue to focus on pilot research and emphasize the work of community building through hosting of workshops that bring researchers and policy makers together to present and discuss findings, data, and operational details, new opportunities that were unforeseeable when we submitted our proposal in September of 2012 allow us the chance to extend data infrastructure, sharing and research access much more effectively. We request a supplement to take advantage of this new path to achieving our original research goals.


National Science Foundation

Funding Period:

05/06/2014 to 06/30/2016