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Comprehensive Program for Adaptive Interventions Training in Education Sciences (CATIE)

The purpose of the proposed three-year project is to conduct, evaluate and continually refine a training program (CATIE) designed to improve the science of adaptive interventions in education. A highly rated and impactful version of this training was developed with the support of a previous IES grant (R324B180003). As adaptive interventions are an active area of methodological research, we propose to continually develop and refine materials as new methods are developed. CATIE will include new training modules in the use of novel, sequential multiple assignment randomized trials (SMART) for constructing adaptive interventions. The proposed program has three aims, each associated with a training component: Aim 1 is to create, maintain and continually refine freely-available online training modules and resources that education scientists can readily use to advance research and teaching on adaptive interventions in educational settings. Aim 2 is to implement an in-person training institute that provides selected scholars in the education sciences with a rigorous foundation in the design, funding, conduct, and analysis of novel experimental design methods for constructing adaptive interventions, including SMARTs. Aim 3 is to promote professional development by offering scholars guidance and mentorship before, during and after, the in-person training institute (via small group and individual meetings) to support their research plans to construct adaptive interventions in education settings. The ultimate expected outcome of this program is the development of effective, replicable adaptive interventions, by education researchers, that will improve behavioral and academic outcomes in authentic education settings.


Education, Department of

Funding Period:

07/01/2022 to 06/30/2025