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Funded Research

Continuity and Change in American Economic and Social Life: The PSID 07-11 (ASPE Supplement)

This funding will support analysis of trends in young adult health insurance coverage using data from the PSID and its supplemental study of young adults, the Transition to Adulthood (TA) study. The unique design of the these datasets will permit linkage of information obtained from young adults in TA with those from their parents in PSID in order to analyze trends in young adult coverage ? as dependents on parental policies but also from other sources – before and after the Affordable Care Act. The investigators will analyze the socioeconomic characteristics of parents providing dependent health insurance coverage and compare transfers of health insurance to other kinds of transfers. Data will come from the biennial core PSID surveys for 2005 through 2011 as well as the Transition to Adulthood (TA) module 2005 – 2011, which has rich information on the characteristics of the young adults themselves.


National Science Foundation

Funding Period:

09/12/2012 to 02/28/2013