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Funded Research


The Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) is an IRB-approved data repository that is the anchor for a consortium of (currently) 35 research universities who share restricted administrative data. IRIS serves as a trusted intermediary to clean, hold, improve, and responsibly share data for research use. IRIS will partner with Duality to serve as a use case and help in both developing usable open source tools for social science research users of restricted data and in convening a user group to help in assessing design needs.

Over the 18-month project term IRIS will:
? Provide secure access to IRIS systems and data to support development and testing of new software tools
? Develop and document both public use and restricted analytic datasets for analysis using new duality tools
? Consult on social science research needs, statistical tools and methods for inclusion and testing in the software to be produced
? Contribute analyses to aid in validation of secure statistical tools developed under this project
? Convene a social science user group drawn from active users of restricted IRIS data to contribute to design and initial testing of software tools developed under this project



Funding Period:

11/01/2019 to 05/31/2021