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Funded Research

Dementia and Related Health and Social Challenges in Lebanon: A Population Study

The focus of the University of Michigan (U-M) team will be continuing to support AUBs capacity building activities with the goal of transferring to AUB knowledge and experience required to conduct longitudinal survey research methods and to investigate the burden of dementia and related personal, social and health challenges in the older population of Lebanon. Specifically, the U-M team will continue to provide guidance and feedback to the AUB team members (1) implementing the sampling design, (2) incorporating results of the cognitive interviews (currently being conducted) into a revised questionnaire, and (3) analyzing baseline data collected through in person interviews, interviewer observation, and through biological samples. In all cases, the U-M team will work closely with the AUB in collaboration with the Georgetown team to assure that the skills to conduct similar work independently are effectively transferred to AUB. Beyond methodological support, the U-M Survey Research Center has developed extensive capacity in the assessment of dementia in the context of population-based cohort studies and will continue share this expertise with the AUB team. The overall PI, now based at Georgetown, is an internationally renowned expert in dementia with global research experience; we expect the synergy between the PI and the U-M team to continue in current and subsequent years.


Georgetown University

Funding Period:

01/15/2023 to 05/31/2024