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Funded Research

Demographic Surveys Audio CASI Response Bias Research for Collection Sensitive Information

Scope of Work

Brady will attend a kick-off meeting for the project at the Census Bureau?s offices in Suitland upon contract award (we have assumed a one day trip for this meeting). He will conduct literature and data source reviews of past research to develop, evaluate, and design statistical methods that provide information on the impact of multiple data collection modes on the quality profile of sensitive information. He will use the results of the review to design and develop new and/or enhanced statistical models to address the impact and benefits of using multiple modes of data collection, especially the use of ACASI, for sensitive information on crime, health, and sexual orientation. Issues to be addressed by the model include, but are not limited to, compliance, bias, completeness, and cost using multiple modes of data collection of sensitive information through survey instruments deployed by Census Bureau Demographic Surveys. The model shall be capable of using data collected from production interviews, reinterview, and available paradata from demographic surveys. Brady will need to travel to Washington, DC to complete some of his work at the Census Bureau as he will need to use Title 13 data that cannot be released outside the Bureau. We have estimated 2 3-day trips for this work. Brady will also work to develop an evaluation and validation plan that the Census Bureau can use to validate and enhance the model. He will also develop a plan for deployment that includes a series of steps or tasks to assure the deployment of the model is done in a manner that best addresses the issues of data quality, cost, feasibility, and system impact. Brady will assist in preparing a draft and final report to document his work and participate in a one day final presentation meeting at the Census Bureau where results are presented to senior managers. We have assumed a one day trip to DC for this meeting.


Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

Funding Period:

09/24/2011 to 09/28/2012