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Funded Research

Evaluation and Optimization of a Just-in-Time Messaging Intervention to Reduce Alcohol-Facilitated Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Among At-Risk Young Adult Men and Women

Dr. Nahum-Shani will?be involved in?aspects of the project related to the design, conduct, and analysis of data from the Micro-Randomized Trial (MRT). Dr. Nahum-Shani will also oversee the work of the Research Associate to ensure that work is uniformly excellent. Finally, Dr. Nahum-Shani will collaborate with other members of the research team in the preparation and dissemination of research findings through presentations at professional meetings and publications. Dr. Nahum-Shani will meet regularly with Dr. Stappenbeck and the research team at Georgia State University by conference call and in-person meetings at least once each year.


Georgia State University

Funding Period:

05/15/2021 to 04/30/2024