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Funded Research

Examining the Utility and Feasibility of Mobile Technology in Prevention Interventions to Promote Child and Family Mental Health: A Demonstration and Feasibility Project

The research aim is to validate methods of alcohol assessment in a general sample of adult drinkers with variability in alcohol consumption. We are one of few research teams that have access to prototypes of a device (like an Apple watch) to assess transdermal alcohol concentration (TAC), called the BACtrack Skyn. We will compare these assessments to breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) assessed by a breathalyzer device, called the Intoxilyzer, and to self-reported estimated blood alcohol concentration (eBAC) based on reported number of drinks, time spent drinking, sex, and weight. The strength of correlations among the three measures?TAC, BrAC, and eBAC?will provide validity data to support future grant applications using the BACtrack Skyn device to capture fluctuations in alcohol consumption in a natural environment.


University of Minnesota

Funding Period:

10/01/2020 to 06/30/2021