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Funded Research

Household Income and Child Development in the First Three Years of Life

The Household Income and Child Development in the First Three Years of Life project will examine the impact of a large unconditional cash transfer on brain development among very young children of low income mothers (150% of the poverty line). The study will draw on a convenience sample of newborn infants and their mothers in eight hospitals across four US locations ? New York City, NY; Omaha, NE; New Orleans, LA; and Minneapolis, MN. Once identified, families will be randomly assigned to a treatment program for monthly cash transfers.

Proposed data collection to be carried out by SRO includes Recruitment of eligible mothers from the selected hospitals, one Baseline survey interview in a hospital setting with the birth mother and the collection of basic biometric information of the infant; a Wave 1 thirty-minute telephone follow-up interview; a Wave 2 in-person follow-up interview in the focal child’s home; and a Wave 3 interview conducted concurrently with the child’s visit to a university based laboratory three years after the baseline interview. We assume that SRO will be working with approximately 1,000 eligible families (babies and mothers) identified and prescreened during the 12-month Recruitment period.


University of California - Irvine

Funding Period:

09/15/2017 to 07/31/2022