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Funded Research

Integrating Information about Aging Surveys

Under this subcontract, the UM team will work with Dr. Jinkook Lee to harmonize and document the similar psychosocial variables available in the Health and Retirement Study (HRS) family of studies. This work will promote use of psychosocial data and cross-national comparative work. Dr. Jinkook Lee is the ideal director of the continuation of the Gateway to Global Aging platform ( and to lead the new proposed work in this renewal.
The aims of the proposed study are to: 1) update the Gateway with newly available information from longitudinal interview data; 2) build easy-to-use next-of-kin interview (exit-interview data) files for the deceased; 3) develop innovative new ways of providing life-history data; 4) improve the user-interface by taking advantage of technological advancements in data structure and visualization; and 5) continue to disseminate the data through user workshops, webinars, and exhibits, and provide user support through our help desk. This work will help more researchers launch longitudinal, cross-national comparative secondary analyses of harmonized psychosocial constructs, such as subjective well-being, social support and contact, cognition, and retrospective life histories. By generating user-friendly data with harmonized variables, this project will accelerate scientific innovations.


University of Southern California

Funding Period:

09/01/2017 to 03/31/2020