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Funded Research

IPA with Census for Mick Couper

Dr. Mick Couper has been instrumental in research and development of computer-assisted survey information collection technologies and methodologies, and he is widely regarded worldwide as one of the premier experts in Web survey design. He has conducted and published volumes of research on Web surveys, particularly regarding the effects of design on measurement error and nonresponse error. His book, “Designing Effective Web Surveys,” recently received the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) 2014 Book Award. Dr. Couper is one of the pioneers in collection, research and analysis of paradata from Web surveys, credited with coining the term “paradata,” for which he received AAPOR’s 2008 Warren J. Mitofsky Innovators? Award. Dr. Couper has also published extensively in the area of survey nonresponse. He is on staff at the University of Maryland’s Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM), for which the Census Bureau is a major supporter and benefactor. Dr. Couper’s breadth of research interests and depth of expertise in Web surveys, paradata, and survey nonresponse make him uniquely qualified to consult with and work collaboratively with Census Bureau staff undertaking major re-engineering and modernization of the Economic Census to be collected only by electronic means. The University of Michigan will benefit from Dr. Couper’s participation in ground-breaking research supporting this endeavor, as there has previously not been substantial academic research in the area of establishment survey design and collection.


Commerce, Department of-Office of the Secretary

Funding Period:

08/01/2014 to 09/30/2015