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Funded Research

Older adults in vulnerable communities: Health and quality of life over time

Dr. Lee will work on the establishment of weights based on population based data from NHIS/BRFSS/HRS for community based sample of LGBT midlife and older adults (CAP), as a hard-to-reach population. Dr. Lee will also work with Dr. Fredriksen-Goldsen (PI) to develop an HRS 2016 experimental module, including: Examine pilot data from same-sex couples in the HRS over time; Examine relationship characteristics (e.g., sex, longevity), to obtain preliminary findings as they relate to same-sex couples and economic security, comorbidity and mortality; Identify variables needed for establishment of weights and future studies of the economic stability, health, and well-being of same-sex compared to opposite couples. In addition, Dr. Lee will supervise the work of the PhD student (listed below) on these primary tasks.


University of Washington

Funding Period:

01/01/2015 to 04/30/2015