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Funded Research

Teaching Over Time – Participant Engagement

The Teaching Over Time study examines changes in teaching practice over the past decade. The study uses new and original MET data by recruiting former MET teachers to record their practice four times during the course of the new study. The dataset, when complete, will be the best available data to assess which district efforts and school conditions resulted in teaching changes toward more effective teaching. The funds requested here will allow the research team to conduct a district symposium for participants. This investment will enhance the research team?s ability to ensure that district staff and teachers: (1) fully understand the importance of this study; (2) the unique opportunity the study provides to build upon prior MET video; and (3) the salience of the research question to efforts currently underway in each of the participating districts.


Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Funding Period:

05/10/2017 to 06/30/2020