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Funded Research

USC Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science

Over the past decade, rapid growth in the e-cigarette market and product sector has created new barriers to minimizing tobacco usage. With increasing regulation of flavored e-cigarettes and plans to ban flavored combustible tobacco and reduce nicotine in cigarettes, the non-combustible market is rapidly evolving. While the FDA has implemented new policies that help restrict usage among youth, there are still critical gaps remaining across populations that are allowing for an increase in e-cigarette adoption. USC TCORS responds to these challenges with a theme of Informing regulation of the evolving market of non-combustible products to protect young people. We intend to: (1) Conduct four interrelated projects that will: (a) determine how modern other nicotine products and e-cigarettes impact AYA tobacco product use uptake, escalation, addiction liability, and poly-use patterns across populations; (b) identify product characteristics and marketing approaches that amplify these impacts; (2) Augment our Centers infrastructure with three cores that will optimize the productivity and impact of our regulatory science; and (3) Develop the next generation of tobacco regulatory scientists. These efforts will be an extension of our Centers work in the past while addressing regulatory challenges currently present in the market as e-cigarettes continue to dominate and grow within the tobacco sector.


University of Southern California

Funding Period:

09/07/2023 to 08/31/2028