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Funded Research

Year 2 Additional Funds – Adaptive Interventions for Minimally Verbal Children with ASD in the Community

Additional funds are requested to cover activity related to the development of data analysis methodologies. As PI of the subaward, Dr. Almirall participates in all scientific aspects of the study, and he has primary responsibility for all methodological aspects of the project including the development of new data analysis methodologies for building more effective, individually-tailored adaptive interventions in autism. The additional funds requested for Dr. Almirall?s effort are specifically related to the development of new data analysis methodologies and supervision of the GSRA who is engaged in the same. The GSRA, Xi Lu, works closely with Dr. Almirall to generalize and adapt existing methodologies for comparing adaptive interventions based on growth model trajectories (e.g., using generalized estimating equations methodology or linear mixed models) using longitudinal data arising from a SMART in order to develop new methodologies.


University of California - Los Angeles

Funding Period:

06/01/2013 to 05/31/2014